52 - FASD Legislation Update: A Conversation with Susan Shepard Carlson and Jenn Wisdahl

May 4, 2021

FASD Hope is a podcast about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), through the lens of parent advocates with over eighteen years of lived experience. 


Episode 52 is an EXCITING FASD Legislation Update with Susan Shepard Carlson and Jenn Wisdahl! FASD Hope welcomes back Susan Shepard Carlson, Former First Lady of Minnesota and Chair of the NOFAS Legislative and Policy Committee. A first time guest to FASD Hope, Jenn Wisdahl is an FASD Parent Advocate and NOFAS Policy and Training Center Coordinator. Together, Susan and Jenn provide an update on the National FASD Legislation, "The FASD Respect Act".


In this legislation update, Susan and Jenn discuss the following topics: updates since last legislation update episode (February 2021), how the legislation has developed into "The FASD Respect Act" , how this proposed legislation will benefit the FASD community, highlights of the bill, how LISTENERS can help and advocate in getting this CRITICAL legislation passed and words of encouragement for those living with FASD and their caregivers / families. 



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