133 - The Reel Hope Project - A Conversation with Abby Marino

May 17, 2022

FASD Hope is a podcast series about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), through the lens of parent advocates with over nineteen years of lived experience.

May is Foster Care Awareness Month and Episode 133 features The Reel Hope Project and Abby Marino, who is the Director of Operations and Outreach at this Minnesota nonprofit organization. "The Reel Hope Project focuses on creating recruitment profile videos for foster youth with no chance of reunification.  We work with counties and adoption agencies to find foster kids their forever families. Each video we create highlighting a child’s story helps to solidify the reality that foster youth enter the child welfare system through no fault of their own." (Source - The Reel Project)

Abby Marino is the Director of Operations and Outreach at The Reel Hope Project, a Minnesota nonprofit organization creating recruitment profile videos for foster youth with no chance of reunification. With a heart for amplifying nonprofit narratives specific to vulnerable populations, Abby enjoys supporting the vision of foster care youth finding their forever families. She oversees operating procedures at The Reel Hope Project and appreciates the full circle of her role in coordinating shoot days with dedicated social workers and ultimately connecting prospective families to begin the adoption licensing process. Abby initiates big picture outreach and expansion opportunities, and works closely with each new state lead as the organization grows beyond the Midwest.

Episode 133 highlights the following: Abby's experience as a sibling of a young adult with FASD and her professional experience, the history and development of The Reel Hope Project, initiatives and upcoming events for The Reel Hope Project, how The Reel Hope Project has supported the foster care community and words of hope and encouragement.


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